July Minutes

Hey gang….it seems as though the July Minutes are MIA. I have looked high and low for them and I don’t know where they have disappeared. So I apologize.

Here is what I recall:

Thank you to Rich & Patti Law for hosting our July meeting on Monday, the 20th. A few jokes were read, Mike had nothing to report, Patti says theres a balance, not sure what(that’s missing too)

New Business: Those who are planning to attend Kool Deadwood Nights August 20-23 need to let Patti know ASAP so she can give you a room, she will be releasing all rooms that are not spoken for back to Fairfield Inn,  I believe Aug 3rd???(If that date is wrong, I will be notified)

Next summer a trip is in the making for the Grand Canyon…more details to follow

NO MEETING FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST many people are on vacation or getting ready for the Hills trip!

So we will see you in Septemeber, watch for info on location.


No drawing for tickets this month

Once again I apologize, if I find them, and if I missed something I will let you all know.



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