Calling all mwcorvette ladies

Hey ladies,

I am putting together a BUNCO group for the corvette ladies. Several of us have talked about it and would like to get one going. So, I need a few players and subs. If you are interested let me know. 712-253-9362. (We need 8 players total, i have 5 maybe 6 so far, plus we need a few subs incase someone cant play).

We will start in Sept. and play to May. Play on Wednesday nights(once a month) with a 7 p.m. start time, sign up for a month to host. The host is in charge of drinks, and alittle desert at the end of play. The prizes are as follows: $12 Bunco, $10 1st, $8 2nd, $5 for booby. It will be the host decision if you hand out $$ as prizes or you go out and buy prizes for the amount listed.

It is a fun time so please let me know who is interested.

With that being said, and if we can get our group completed, our 1st night of BUNCO will be Wednesday, Sept 21 @ 7 p.m. hosted by Michelle Heide.

I will let you know more when i hear back from you all. Any questions please let me know as well


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