Color Run

Fall Color Run Oct 12-15

 We will be leaving Thursday 10/12 at 1:30 p.m.  The first night we will be staying at the Holiday Inn Downtown Lacrosse, WI.  They are currently working on a group discount for us so wait to book until I hear back from them as they may give us a better rate than what is currently posted.    The 2nd and 3rd nights we will be staying at the Willows on the River in Lake City, MN.  These are beautiful condos.  They have single rooms but they also 2 bedroom condos if you would like to share with someone.    Please call them immediately if you plan on going.  They DO NOT allow blocking of rooms so everyone must call in on their own.  Their phone number is 651-345-9900.  These will need to be booked for 10/13 arrival with a 10/15 check out.

If you are interested in going please let LaRae know ASAP  so she has a count.  REMEMBER YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO CALL AND GET YOUR OWN ROOMS FOR LAKE CITY, MN.

Thank you

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