March meeting

Hello everyone,

Here are some dates to put into your calendars.

April 15th next meeting at Famous Daves, 6pm

July 17-20th Black Hills Corvette Classic, Let LaRae know if you are interested in rooms by this Thursday(14th)

May 19th new pictures will be taken for the group and individuals for our web site, location to be determined and a “Fun Run” to follow

This Sunday(17th) is “Selection Sunday” for March Madness so watch and pick your teams. On Monday(18th), date change from the 19th(sorry for those that already had arrangments made) we will meet at Beano & Sherry’s for supper and get the competition started.

Remember the months you signed up for?

April: Bob

May: Rose’s

June: McHeide     a day of fun is planned for the 22nd!

July: Merritt & Olson

August: Stinger & Law

Sept: Sue, Dennis, Vicky, Gerald, Albin, Joyce

Oct: McHeide, Olson, Law, Stinger

Nov: Sue, Dennis, Vicky, Gerald, Albin, Joyce

See you Monday, for those that can make it. And then reminder April 15th next meeting


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