Hello everyone

This is a reminder that LaRae NEEDS your RSVP for “Wine about Winter” TODAY!!

If you attended the event at Crave Restaurant and you talked about coming or said “see you then” please still give LaRae a quick text with your RSVP so she can get a final account for Saturdays event. Alot of planning goes into these events so it is very much appreciated.

Thanks have a great Sunday



Hello gang……………………..LaRae needs your RSVP by Wednesday….NO LATER, For Sunday, February 11th @ Crave.

Either by text 712-253-6516 or email


Thank you, Michelle

Hello gang…………

Saturday Feb 3rd Dennis/Sue Bousquet & Bob Campbell will be going to El Ranchito in South Sioux City for supper 6pm if anyone would like to join them.



Club Calendar

Reminder, once again, we need members to sign up for their month, Joe & Sheryl Rose are taking the month of June.

I have April, July, November left.




Hello gang, hope you are all enjoying the Blizzard, sure is pretty out there.

I am putting together the “CLUB CALENDAR”.  So far this is what we have, i know alot of things were going on back at the November meeting, please look over and  ******If someone signed up and i missed your month please let me know ASAP……. If you have not signed up for a month let me ASAP on your choice****** (SEND ME A TEXT 712-253-9362) I WILL GET PUT INTO THE CALENDAR

January: Mike & Claudia

February: McKinvens/Heides        Sunday, February 11th 4:30 pm Crave Restuarant, RSVP to LaRae(712-253-6516)ASAP!!!!  Another event is being planned as well, date to be determined

March: Larry & Julie


May: Ken & Donna



August: Dennis & Sue

September: Bill & Linda

October: Steve & Jane


December: Rich & Patti


Have a safe day everyone…..ILL BE WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU   Michelle

Deb Campbell

Hello everyone

Here is the address for Deb Campbell

Saint Mary’s Hospital

Mary Brigh Bldg 7 East

1216 2nd St SW

Rochester, Minnesota 55902


Have a great day


November minutes

Our November meeting was held on Monday, November 6th @ 6p.m with a Chili Feed hosted by the Law’s. A HUGE thank you for hosting the last few months.

Attending Members: Monty/LaRae, Steve/Michelle, Rich/Patti, Larry/Julie, Steve/Jane, Mike/Claudia, Don W, Bobby M, Chet/Francy, Ken/Donna, Sue B, Bob C, Bill/Linda

Joke of the Night

October Minutes approved

Happy Birthday to our November Members

Treasurer Report: $1282.79 (pd out $100 donation & food) New Bal: $1116.41

New Business: Dec 9th Christmas Party 6:30(Mike sent out an email, if we do not have enough members that signed up there is an alternate date in January) PLEASE LET MIKE KNOW ASAP IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO YET!!

Club News: After further discussion was brought to the table a vote was take by NCCC Members and approved to eliminate our NCCC(TRIAL RUN FOR A YEAR TO SEE HOW IT GOES) and become a Social Group. There will be a Membership of fee $30 a couple $15 pp THIS IS DUE TO PATTI BY DECEMBER 1ST NO LATER!! (7632 C’ville Rd Lawton, Ia 51030).

With our Club becoming Social, we will have structure! LaRae & I will be putting the calendar together, we will keep our FB page & website. So when you have something you want to go out, please get ahold of Michelle and she will still put out the notices for everyone. Patti will still be in charge of the $$ as Treasurer.

Each couple or single member will be SOCIAL HOST OF THE MONTH, you will be in charge for that month, you’re responsible for that months meeting, plan something fun(i.e, an outing, activity) whatever you come up with, the entire month is yours.

There is a sign up sheet going around, let me know what month you would like, LaRae and I are putting together the calendar ASAP and will get it out to you all. THIS WILL START IN JANUARY

Bob Mohr was voted in as our Honorary Member.

Bob Campbell gave us an update on Deb, Please keep them in your prayers.

Ticket winner was Rich Law, he donated all the winnings to Bob & Deb Campbell    THANK YOU




November Meeting

Our November meeting will be held Monday night the 7th At 6 pm, The LAWS will be hosting a Chili feed. Please BYOB

At this meeting we will be discussing and voting how our Club will move forward, either continue NCCC or go to a Social status. Your input is important and voting will take place, SO WE NEED EVERYONE THERE!!